Dr. Sarah Rasmi
Dubai Parenting Expert Dr. Sarah Rasmi

Dubai Parenting Expert Dr. Sarah Rasmi

Positive Parenting Expert & Family psychologisT

I am a Canadian Psychologist (Ph.D.) and professor with a passion for supporting families. I work with parents across a range of family, relationship, and well-being issues, as well as those who want to learn new skills. I also consult with government entities, corporations, and schools.

My Family & parenting services:

Remember: Parenting is hard work. We all need a little extra support with our children sometimes!

Every family is different, which is why these one-on-one services are completely customized for you. I've helped families with a range of issues, including: temper tantrums, eating habits, sleep, school and nursery routines, sibling rivalry. These are just a few of the parenting and family issues that I can support you with.

Every month I run group workshops on the topics that you want to learn about. Some of my recent and upcoming workshops include: positive parenting, toddler tantrums, back-to-school transitions, and looking after your own needs. The group setting is a great way to meet other, like-minded Dubai parents. *Please let me know if there are any additional topics you would like to see - I take requests!

  • Effective parenting practices and strategies

  • Parent-child conflict & conflict resolution

  • Student achievement and success

  • Happiness and well-being

  • Adapting to life in a new country

  • Psychologist, not life coach or therapist

  • Studied psychology for 10 years

  • Earned three psychology degrees (BA, MA, and Ph.D.)

  • Only parenting scholar in the UAE

  • Member of professional organizations in psychology

  • Top-tier journal articles

  • Chapters in edited books

  • International conference presentations

  • Local newspaper articles (as author and source)

  • Radio appearances

  • Academic & community workshops

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